will you ever stop playing the victim?

How am I playing the victim? There’s a difference between sad and self pity. I am sad and I have hurt people, done things I’m not proud of, I won’t deny that. I feel terrible for it. No one is an all over good person and it sucks but that’s the truth. All you can do is better yourself not “play victim” as you say, I know my mistakes and I’m accepting the consequences of my actions.

To whoever keeps sending me such mean messages please stop. Look I’m sorry if I hurt you, I’m trying really hard to be a good person and change life to better me. The truth is, Yes I am in love with someone, he is my ex and he doesn’t want to be with me anymore. His name is Kevin and I still very much love him, I’m sorry if I hurt you while trying to run from him but he has my heart right now. I would be grateful if you could stop because I am not emotionally ready for hate like that, I’m just building myself back up. I’m sorry for whatever I did to you but please forgive me and leave me be…


You can’t just make me different and then leave.

Looking for Alaska, John Green (via bl-ossomed)

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